Submitting to the Database

Thank you for visiting the Queensborough Community College English Department Faculty Database.

This database serves two primary purposes: it houses all announcements and updates about English Department meetings and events and it provides a searchable and regularly updated corpus of faculty materials.

Meetings of the QCC Composition Committee, currently led by John Talbird and Elise Denbo, will take place three times a semester. In order to keep the database materials current, they will ask that you submit an assignment that displays a “best practice” as an instructor once a semester.

In order to enhance the usability of the database, we ask that when submitting materials to the site, you use this template to provide context that will help others review and adapt your materials, including a brief summary of the assignment, the timeline or sequence in which it would be carried out during the semester, and the way you’ve tagged* the post in our database.

*Note: These tag choices will be discussed at various composition meetings in the hope that we can streamline overlapping categories, remove duplicates, and identify the most popular tags in order to help us search the database more successfully and identify our primary teaching aims and values across the department.



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