High-Impact Practices Archive

  • Nature on Campus

    Description Since Spring 2013, my evening EN219: Reading and Writing about New York class has been doing a service learning project for the Nature on Campus blog, run by Eugene Harris of the Biology department and members of the Bayside community. The Nature on Campus […]

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  • Local Cultures of Queens

    Description Over the past decade, Professor Jan Ramjerdi and I have developed an alternative mode of teaching Freshman Composition, one that takes seriously and builds upon our students’ existing knowledge, interests, and experiences. Ethnography is the written study of human culture from the insider or […]

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  • Teaching Context: Human Trafficking

    Description The following set of materials are the core documents for a research simulation exercise I do during the last third of the semester. By this point students have written three essays, narrative, compare/contrast, and expository/argumentative each with a draft. As such, they have learned […]

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  • Archival Research Assignment

    Description As scholars or, perhaps, as concerned citizens, we return to the archives to see what has been left out, to retell the story, or to see the auratic traces of a life, a historical event, an institutional history for ourselves. What if we were […]

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  • Composition Committee Meeting, 4/02/14

    Minutes: Composition Committee Meeting, 4/02/14 Attendance: Benjamin Miller, Mike Dolan, Tanya Zhelezcheva, George Fragopoulos, Kat Alves, Joan Dupre, Matt Lau, Chris Leary, Stephen Tumino, Robin Ford, Peter Gray, Zivah Perel Katz, Aliza Atik, Elizabeth Toohey, John Talbird, Alisa Cercone, David Humphries, Mark Schiebe, Jean Darcy, […]

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  • Multimodal Composition in the 21st Century

    Notes from Composition Committee Meeting, 10/30/13: “Multimodal Composition in the 21st Century”   In attendance: David Humphries, Mark Schiebe, George Fragopoulos, Kat Alves, Danny Sexton, Agnieszka Tuszynska, Stephen Tumino, Peter Gray, Joan Dupre, Alisa Cercone, Leah Anderst, John Talbird, Jean Murley, Aliza Atik, Joost Burgers, […]

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