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  • The Student Autobiography

    Description The Literacy Narrative in First-Year Writing   The literacy narrative is an ideal genre to get students to read and write at the beginning of EN-101. Many enter our classrooms thinking they’re bad writers, that they know very little that is valued in college, […]

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  • Teaching Context: Human Trafficking

    Description The following set of materials are the core documents for a research simulation exercise I do during the last third of the semester. By this point students have written three essays, narrative, compare/contrast, and expository/argumentative each with a draft. As such, they have learned […]

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  • Archival Research Assignment

    Description As scholars or, perhaps, as concerned citizens, we return to the archives to see what has been left out, to retell the story, or to see the auratic traces of a life, a historical event, an institutional history for ourselves. What if we were […]

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  • Examples of Multimodal Composition

    Examples of Multimodal Composition

    Since we’ll be discussing multimodal composition at next week’s meeting (and hopefully beyond), I thought I’d share w/ you some work a colleague has been doing.   Dan Wuebben is a lecturer in the Writing Program at UC Santa Barbara and a former Writing Fellow […]

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