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  • 5/7 Composition Committee Meeting Notes

    Minutes: Composition Committee Meeting, 5/7/14 Attendance: John Talbird, Laurel Harris, Kat Alves, George Fragopoulos, Ben Miller, Mike Dolan, James Kenney, Susan Jacobowitz, Alisa Cercone, Robin Ford, Aliza Atik, Elise Denbo, Danny Sexton. John Yi, Matt Koch, Tanya Zhelezcheva, Joost Burgers, Joan Dupre, Chris Leary, Elizabeth […]

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  • Composition Committee Meeting, 4/02/14

    Minutes: Composition Committee Meeting, 4/02/14 Attendance: Benjamin Miller, Mike Dolan, Tanya Zhelezcheva, George Fragopoulos, Kat Alves, Joan Dupre, Matt Lau, Chris Leary, Stephen Tumino, Robin Ford, Peter Gray, Zivah Perel Katz, Aliza Atik, Elizabeth Toohey, John Talbird, Alisa Cercone, David Humphries, Mark Schiebe, Jean Darcy, […]

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  • Departmental Handbook and Archive Working Meeting

    Notes from Composition Committee Meeting, 3/5/2014   In attendance: Laurel Harris, John Talbird, George Fragopoulos, Benjamin Miller, Michael Dolan, Elise Denbo, Danny Sexton, Elizabeth Toohey, Aliza Atik, Robin Ford, Alisa Cercone, Matt Koch, Peter Gray, John Yi, Zivah Perel Katz, Jodie Childers, Mark Schiebe, Vartan […]

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  • Teaching Students to Read Like Writers

    Attendees: Alisa Cercone, Leah Anderst, Stephen Tumino, Vartan Messier, Agnieszka Tuszynska, Danny Sexton, Elizabeth Toohey, Melissa Dennihy, Aliza Atik, George Fragopoulos, Tanya Zhelezcheva, Mark Schiebe, Matt Lau, Jean Murley, Joan Dupre, John Talbird, Laurel Harris, Matt Koch, Chris Leary, Jean Darcy, Lucy McNair The meeting […]

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  • Link for Piece on Facebook and Intimacy (Thanks to Barbara Emanuele)

    Link for Piece on Facebook and Intimacy (Thanks to Barbara Emanuele)

    Barbara sent this really interesting New York Times article on intimacy, social relations, and Facebook that might spark class discussion on social media and technology. I was surprised by the lack of investment in Facebook a lot of my younger students expressed this semester. I’m […]

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  • Race in the classroom (and in media)

    Race in the classroom (and in media)

    In my film and lit (220) class today, we watched Peter Gilbert’s With All Deliberate Speed, a great historical doc about Brown vs. Board of Education and the aftermath. We had a very fruitful conversation afterward and one of my students posted the following editorial about […]

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  • Links for Pieces on Technology (Thanks to Matt Lau)

    Matt called our attention to the following articles that can be shared with students when discussing technology in the classroom. The first is a funny take on internet etiquette and grammar: It includes, as its first entry, Godwin’s law, which I brought up at […]

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  • Multimodal Composition in the 21st Century

    Notes from Composition Committee Meeting, 10/30/13: “Multimodal Composition in the 21st Century”   In attendance: David Humphries, Mark Schiebe, George Fragopoulos, Kat Alves, Danny Sexton, Agnieszka Tuszynska, Stephen Tumino, Peter Gray, Joan Dupre, Alisa Cercone, Leah Anderst, John Talbird, Jean Murley, Aliza Atik, Joost Burgers, […]

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  • More resources

    More resources

    When Dan Wuebben heard we were talking about multimodal comp, he sent the following links:   Here is the blog that he uses for his multimedia class.   And here is a link to Bill Wolff’s blog, a prof of Writing at Rowan U. who […]

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  • Examples of Multimodal Composition

    Examples of Multimodal Composition

    Since we’ll be discussing multimodal composition at next week’s meeting (and hopefully beyond), I thought I’d share w/ you some work a colleague has been doing.   Dan Wuebben is a lecturer in the Writing Program at UC Santa Barbara and a former Writing Fellow […]

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